A message from the Law Faculty Dean

A message from the Law Faculty Dean

Corporate lawyer, criminal defence lawyer, notary, auctioneer, legal journalist, police commissioner, department head with the foreign affairs ministry, director of legal affairs for a multinational company, general manager of services for a local government, labour inspector, HR director, bailiff, magistrate, hospital director, retirement home director, corporate lawyer, director of a detention centre, business leader, attaché in a cultural department, official with an international organisation, etc.
These are the careers, among others, held by former St. Étienne students today: exceptional diversity and an exemplary career placement rate.

Legal studies help students find their path based on their personality, objectives and options, and to blossom in exciting careers.
Society needs jurists and they find their place in every field. Legal studies make it possible to learn discipline, competence, context, organisational and synthetic ability, they make it possible to increase personal reflection, a capacity for autonomy and a better understanding of society and social phenomena.

Choosing the law therefore comes back in some way to choosing freedom: freedom to think for oneself using a methodology specific to jurists, the freedom to choose one’s career.


Studying at the St. Étienne Faculty of Law is also a guarantee of success, as our St. Étienne students succeed throughout the professional world, particularly in the major competitive examinations due to an education that is exacting and known throughout France (it’s not rare for the top scores in the national competitive examinations to be from St. Étienne).
The St. Étienne Law Faculty has a family atmosphere, students have a strong connection to their teachers, and teachers are responsive to students and although they never compromise on the idea of excellence, St. Étienne’s teachers/researchers seek to build genuine personal career paths to enable students to succeed.

Studying the law, studying at St. Étienne, benefitting from innovative educational techniques, original degree paths, highly diverse and nationally renowned master’s degrees, from a Law institute and a centre for preparing for competitive civil service examinations which have proven themselves, represents a choice that many St. Étienne alumni who are currently successful professionals are glad to have made.

Your success is our goal.
Studying law at St. Étienne: the right choice for your future career!


Prof. B. Bonnet
Law Faculty Dean