Come studying in St. Étienne

Come study at the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is happy to welcome students from around the world. Coming to study at St. Étienne Faculty of Law means receiving a quality scientific education.

The many programmes offered fall under the European LMD educational system (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate) and can be used to obtain ECTS credits.

For complete studies or for just a semester, the Faculty of Law is waiting for you!

Studying in St. Étienne

Jean Monnet University - “UJM” is strong in its region because it is home to almost all St. Étienne students. It spreads out over 6 campuses and educates its 20,000 students, including 3,000 foreign students, in many subjects, in the fields of Science, Technologies, Healthcare, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Arts, Languages and Literature.

Live well to study well

Jean Monnet University understands that, to study well, you have to live well. To do this, it makes sure to offer its students some “little extras” that make all the difference, like France’s only napping room, available to students on the Health Innovation campus, or Fest’U, a huge summer festival that is held every year in June. The University has also opened its online store, so that everyone can fly their school colours high!

St. Étienne: the perfect-sized city

Jean Monnet University is located in the heart of St. Étienne, a drastically changing city of 170,000 in a region that is taking advantage of its industrial past in order to renew itself and is currently focusing on agility, innovation, and design.

A human-scale city, St. Étienne will enable you to quickly connect to all of the services it offers. It will also enable you to easily make connections in the student community, all campuses combined, and build your own professional network. Due to its size and its public transportation network (STAS), St. Étienne also makes it easy to live the “city life” and access all its benefits, including cultural life, particularly with the Sainté Pass.

But St. Étienne offers much more than its city life, it also enables direct access to nature. In fact, 15 minutes from the city centre by car or, for the more adventurous, within range of a run or mountain bike ride, the Pilat and the Forez Mountains which surround it form a magnificent green belt, ideal for outdoor exercise and recreation, or simply getting some fresh air!

A real dynamic between Lyon and St. Étienne

Jean Monnet University is a part of the University of Lyon, and works closely with the higher education institutions of St. Étienne and Lyon, the City of St. Étienne, the Metro Region, and with local companies, through its Foundation.

UJM students can therefore benefit from this dynamic and from all of the cultural and student activities offered by the region. Additionally, the link between the cities is made easier by a train that runs every quarter of an hour (45-minute trip).

Join UJM!